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"Mr. .Berthin was one of my first phone calls to my home appropriately a few days later. I mistakenly assumed that he was not serious since he came across like a Doctor, instead of a salesperson. He asked me a few harmless questions, and I took notice that he was quietly evaluating the situation, just like when a Doctor helps you when you’re sick. I also had an appointment with a second company the next day; however I dealt with them online, their approach was like integration, looking for all the wrongs so they could steal the home. My mind was made up, that Company would never get my home their critical approach was negative; Mr. Berthin’s positive approach reaffirmed my mind that I would sell my home to him. … I have never referred to a business person as a friend, but there is always a first time, Mr. Berthin is someone that I would consider as a friend, true to his word, this is the solemn truth." - Karl from NJ

"Little did we know that responding to your flyer, which arrived in our mail here in FL, would one day result in a mutually rewarding relationship with your outstanding company. It the midst of the everyday strife and anxieties associated with the process of dissolving my fatherís Estate, the unknown relief that the future relationship with your company could satisfy our need to resolve the Estate in a timely mannerÖIn conclusion, I could not be happier or more satisfied with the professionalism, attention to detail and communication." Richard from FL

"In all honesty after our first meeting, I didnít feel your company would be the best option for me. However, your continued follow up and confidence in the fact that you could help eventually lead me to the right decision. Your guidance and advice helped ease a challenging circumstance and ultimately brought me out of a situation that would have eventually lead to serious financial struggle. Again thank you for your persistence, assistance and professionalism." Scott from NJ

Hello Charlie,

Please feel free to add the following account to you list of testimonials for all to read and learn from.

Last year I was saddled with the responsibility of cleaning out and hopefully one day selling a property that had been seriously neglected by a distant family member for several years. A job that seemed almost insurmountable at times. However, three months and six large dumpsters later, it was finally time for me to try and "unload" this eyesore of a property. It was during this time that I came in contact with Charlie MacAdams from South Jersey Properties. After meeting several different contractors during this three month period, Charlie was the only one I would consider to be a true gentleman,...... a person I found I could count on and trust. From the very beginning of our relationship, he presented himself as a "no pressure" type of individual. Punctual and attentive, but not pushy and over bearing. A fellow who *always* returned my E-mails in a timely manner keeping me in the loop at all times. A person's whose knowledge of the industry proved to be a valuable asset to me and my situation.

In summary, without the help of Charlie and his company, I don't know how I would have ever brought closure to this matter. He truly was more than just a businessman........he turned out to be a real friend as well.

Bob.....Bucks County, PA


Thank you for your efforts to ensure this sale was completed as we planned.  I wish you luck with the's in a good neighborhood and I'm sure you and your team will make the house an asset to the community.....It was a pleasure working with you and I will recommend you and your firm in the future..

Thanks again.......

Jack K