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About Us

We are professional real estate investors that offer a fair but discounted price for your property in "as is" condition and can typically close in your timeframe. There are no fees or commissions and you will get a simple, no hassle closing.

Gonzalo Berthin, who recently launched, enjoys the fact that he is helping people who have a practical need, while helping to beautify neighborhoods. "Every street, every neighborhood seems to have that one eyesore property the neighbors wish would be beautified, "We're interested in recycling those homes, selling them to responsible buyers, which in turn improves the entire neighborhood," says Berthin, who has been purchasing real estate fulltime since 1995., with headquarters in Cherry Hill, specializes in buying and selling residential - and occasionally small commercial - properties in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. It's an area the company's partners know well, having completed over 200 real estate transactions locally, totally over $16,000,000 during the last five years, under the auspices of a national home buying franchise.

It helps, too, that he lives in the area, Berthin in Voorhees.

"I drive through the areas I service every day, not just to look at properties but taking my kids to their sporting events, dining out with my family. My roots are here," Berthin says.

The company has bought and sold an average of 12 to 15 properties each year since 2007. The repaired value of the homes they sell ranges from $100,000 to $250,000, with a median value of around $140,000. But the way they see it, recycling homes isn't what they do. They prefer to think of themselves as problem solvers; buying and selling homes is just how they do it.

"If you're elderly and need to move to assisted living, or you're military and you've been posted to another state, or you've inherited a great aunt's neglected home, you want to get rid of that house. You don't want to wait for the market to serve up a qualified buyer, especially if the house isn't desirable or needs repairs," says Berthin, who's been buying real estate for nearly 30 years. "You want to get rid of it and move on to the next phase of your life."

There's much appeal in selling properties as is. No freshening of the paint, no fixing that broken fence or toilet, no need to "stage" the property to entice buyers off the street. And even though I work with local real estate agents, there is no real estate agent commission when you sell directly to us. Sellers who need to move on for whatever reason may be more willing to take less than full market value, especially in this market, when many homes sell for far below the asking price anyway.

Although's slogan is "We turn your home into cash," the transaction is often as much about getting closure than getting cash in hand.

"We've actually had cases where homeowners paid us to take the property off their hands, so they could get out of a situation," says Berthin. "In many cases, selling a house is the first step to getting to where they need to be."

As satisfying as it is to help people get out of difficult circumstances, Berthin also takes pleasure in turning unsightly properties into attractive ones that neighbors will welcome.

"We're all about improving our neighborhoods, one property at a time," says Berthin. "Everybody benefits."