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Stopping Foreclosure Ebook

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Looking to Downsize?

So you raised your family and now it is time to free yourself of that large outdated home that is eating you alive. You can't see putting tens of thousands of dollars into something only to be able to sell it and to have someone else enjoy the improvements. We can help…as we are professional property investors and can solve your problem.

Why are we different? Well just read what one of our happy clients had to say…

"I retired from my job in 2009 after 25 years of service which was very dangerous and stressful job, I felt a sense of relief, then realized that I was not truly free, because I was sitting alone as single person with an 1825 mortgage and all the other bills that accompany home ownership, along with an escalating tax bill of 7600 a year for property taxes.

My dilemma was that I did not maintain the home as I should have, concentrating on paying down the Mortgage and then thinking the repairs would be an easy task once I retired. My educated guess was that it would cost 6000-7000 for a 17 year old home, new carpets, maybe 5000, painting for the house 5000, etc., you get the picture, where does it end for picky home-buyers, additionally do not fool yourself, the heater, air conditioning, sump pump, water heater do not last indefinitely. I started thinking, do I go out and get a real job again, take out a risky loan, not be able to sell the home, I resented the idea of taking out a new mortgage with only 16 payments remaining. I also was haunted with the idea of not being able to repay my father for a 10,000 loan that was for delinquent credit card bill to American Express that had to be repaid in 30 days, after a bonus from my job did not occur, spent the money foolishly before I had it. My father lend the funds to me, ten years passed, the idea of my father passing away without paying him back was the worst feeling in the world, it was then decided that honor was more important than money, along with peace of mind of not regretting my mistakes for the remainder of my life.

I silently prayed going through each day doing my daily regiment, then without thinking when stepping out of the shower, it hit me. Visiting the library where I relax, logged onto the computer, made my mind up to Goggle search a minimum of a dozen companies that buy homes for cash taking no more than 2 hours online, present my situation online to each company. This method was chosen because I thought that it would be most productive without having to tell each prospect my depressing situation.

Almost all of my possessions were packed, because my mind was committed, and reinforced with faith. My online information stated that I would like for someone to look at the home in approximately 30 days. I embarrassing believed that maybe I could somehow win the lottery prior to appointment that was scheduled, living in a home is extremely emotional and sometimes it is difficult to let go. You have to realize that what your holding onto is, holding you hostage financially, and emotionally.

Mr .Berthin was one of my first phone calls to my home appropriately a few days later. I mistakenly assumed that he was not serious since he came across like a Doctor, instead of a salesperson. He asked me a few harmless questions, and I took notice that he was quietly evaluating the situation, just like when a Doctor helps you when you're sick. I also had an appointment with a second company the next day; however I dealt with them online, their approach was like integration, looking for all the wrongs so they could steal the home. My mind was made up, that Company would never get my home their critical approach was negative, Mr. Berthin positive approach reaffirmed my mind that I would sell my home to him.

Mr. Berthin came to my home exactly the day and time he would, sat at my kitchen table, said that he would like to show me how the Company operates, then like a lawyer, presented the facts one by one. I can honestly say that there was nothing remaining to dispute, Mr. Berthin in a very dignified gentleman's way presented the situation in a way that no longer required thinking, emotional or mental anguish but the facts were sitting on my kitchen table with all the numbers before my eyes, with the documentation to prove his point, justify his offering price. Mr.Berthin did not have to sell himself, he mannerism, professionalism, along with the facts, closed the case, I told him 15 minutes after arriving at my home that, "this hurts but I going to sign the document", first I asked can I have a lawyer review this and his answer was you should have a lawyer review it. This was the cue to me that Mr. Berthin was genuine, the documented was then signed, he offered me an extra 1000.00 and I told him no, my reasoning was that he did not attempt con me, it would be hypocritical for me to take the additional funds. Mr. Berthin, asked if I would be comfortable with the Title Company that he worked with and at this point there was nothing to consider, he was trustworthy. Mr. Berthin answered all of my phone calls; e-mail's as fast as lighting. I closed on my home less than 30 days later, received a cashier check for exactly the amount he said, the entire process of the first phone call to sitting at the closing with a bottle of water offered to me was surreal, along with the car drive to deposit the check. I can honestly say that I had difficulty not getting chocked up after we walked out of the closing but the experience was like being rescued from life boat drifting at sea, all you have to do get out with faith. The funds that you might lose, is nothing compared to the funds you will lose with a bad credit score for 7 years, or having someone forcefully takes your home and having bad credit for 10 years. You can\ recover the discount once you start a new life, with new possibilities but you cannot recover if you allow your home to destroy your health. I have never referred to a business person as a friend, but there is always a first time, Mr. Berthin is someone that I would consider as a friend, true to his word, this is the solemn truth."